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Kevin Keith brings to the Entertainment Industry over 25 years experience in the animal business. His experience with animals is as diverse as the animals performing in his shows.

Kevin began his career as an animal trainer at Moorpark College in California, where he got a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management. Immediately after that he began working as a trainer in live animal shows, such as the Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo, California.

Kevin was head of the park’s primate department for nearly a decade, where he was in charge of the production of the live primate show.

Kevin decided to go out on his own and did so by starting his own company, Monkey Business Productions. As owner operator of Monkey Business, Kevin and his animal family have accumulated an impressive list of credits that include titles from feature films, television, commercials, and of course live animal productions.

Kevin’s live animal experience was recognized in 2002 when his show, entitled “Lights, Camera, Animals!” was a finalist in the IAAPA best “Edu-tainment” category, which he produced while working under contract once again for Six Flags Marine World.

Monkey business continued to grow, with the welcome addition of his lovely wife Martina Tamelova-Keith , in 2003. She brings natural stage presence as well as a gifted ability as an animal trainer to the newest show “Wild About Monkeys!” Today Kevin and Martina continue to produce live animal shows as well as maintaining an excellent working reputation within the entertainment, film and television industries. Their productions rate amongst the highest live animal shows in the nation.

“This has been achieved only after a lifetime of study and working experience all while holding true to one main ideal. A live animal encounter must not only be entertaining but meaningful and educational as well,” explains Kevin Keith.

The couple strives to provide their audiences with an experience that is not meant merely to entertain, but also enriches their knowledge about the relationships and bonds that exist between animal and man. The success of “Wild About Monkeys!” show is proof that these ideals are the result of a lifetime of hard work, dedication and specially love for their animals.

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